Media Day

Coronaproof shooting

The indoor soccer club FT Tongeren wanted to shoot all their players and staff on the annual media day. As safety is a priority, everything was held coronaproof with masks, social distance, disinfecting hands,…

green screen

193 youngsters and staff in 1 afternoon, we like a good challenge!

We wanted to create a uniform design for all players and staff for all ages. Something smooth and professional that you can print as a poster! (Next to the one from Ronaldo on their wall).

A good planning, an exact list from all the players and timings. One by one, they were in front of the camera. Not taking more then 2 minutes of their time to create some magic! Pictures that they will preserve for ages.

We worked with a green screen, so we could work flexible in Adobe Photoshop afterwards and still have every creative freedom in the process (Yes Vincent, we believe in our process too).

Given the worldwide pandemic, and the extra precautious situation in Belgium we wanted to guarantee everyone’s safety and health. By using a green screen we were able to shoot everyone individual and still being able to create a teampicture!

Disinfecting gels, masks, social distance,… we applied the rules!

Teampictures without being together!

FT Tongeren group